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Smart I Surveillance gives you a secured environment & remarkable utility
management tools that solve your most challenging business premises safety & efficiency problems.

Hassle-free ATM’s security

Protect your bank branch from threats

Securing sensitive data center

Vital documents are monitored

“We got the best e-surveillance system hardware and software, supported by excellent service. Moving forward, we are ensuring process security and premises authorization with Smarti Surveillance.”

Shailendra Humne, Founder of “Thinkogic”

Shailendra Humne, Founder of “Thinkogic”

Connecting aspirations, creating value

Rich range of new security products. Building India’s best designed and safest range of BFSI solutions


saved in potential attacks


severe threats denfended 


market utilization with our security

Innovative Product, Enhanced Security 

Professional-grade solution tailored to safeguard multi-location facilities throughout India, delivering rapid deployment and exceptional security for your premise to safeguard your assets.

E-Surveillance IoT Panel for facility management.

E-Surveillance Conventional Panel

Audio communication in remote locations.


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We walk the talk. With our intelligent solutions and futuristic approach, we believe we are building a safer and secure world.

Driven by our core values – ‘Trust’, ‘Commitment’, ‘Passion’, and ‘Innovation’, our years of experience ensure that we deliver the best avant-garde products to make workplaces more secure.

Trusted For Security

Made for businesses who needs a secured solutions 

Innovative solutions strive to safeguard your nearest banks and offer a seamless experience software costs.

We cover every part of the BFSI areas to make sure that everything is secured and safe for the companies.

We cover every part of the BFSI areas to make sure that everything is secured and safe for the companies.

Enables a seamless and secured protocol for retail companies to drive customer and increase revenue.

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