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SmartFACE the smartest face recognition.

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Known for Innovating New Concepts

Smart-I Systems is known for innovation. And proving this right is its latest face recognition device; the SmartFACE.

The SmartFACE is a smart face recognition device with huge potential. The innovative device comes with face & face mask recognition with temperature detection capability. Boasting a Linux operating system with a superior Dual-Core processor, the device’s storage can be expanded using a microSD slot.

The contactless device comes in 3 variants; a 5-inch, 7-inch and 8-inch one. The smallest of them i.e. the 5-inch one can store 50K face recognition records, while the 7-inch variant can store a whopping 160K face recognition records.

Last but certainly not least; the SmartFACE (8-inch) can store 80K face recognition records.

Additionally, the device supports non-contact detection of wrist temperature, supports warning and access restrictions to people with abnormal body temperature with ± 0.3 accuracies.

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